What is Article Submission site?

Article submissions refers to writing of high quality articles which are related to blog and then submitting these articles on High DR article submission websites or directories. The important aim of Article Submission is to improve the search engine ranking of y blog and increase website traffic through organic searches. As all most article submission websites are free, you don’t have to incur a significant cost for additional traffic. Article Submission are considered one of the most trusted and effective SEO techniques Thousands of free article submission site lists are indeed an opportunity for submitting high-quality articles. Search engines just like Google crawl quality content from article directories making lot of articles in high PR article submission website go viral. It reflects search results and the biggest gain is backlink hiking the authority index of the blog or site. Higher search engine ranking of a blog shoots up site traffic by way of organic searches. According to many experts, for attaining some good traffic, first-time bloggers and new websites’ admins must compulsorily submit at least 2-3 high-quality articles on article submission sites list with instant approval to improve search engine performance of their blog and site.

The Benefit of Article Submission Sites

1. Improve the ranking of blog in major search engines

2. Create long term backlink from High DR sites

3. Establish yourself as expert in your area and improve Domain Authority of blog.

4. If you write a great article, it may become famous

5. create a relationship with readers and increase the popularity of your blog.

By using article submission website list bloggers can create many backlinks that may go viral if the content is of high quality. mostly article submission websites are free, there is no big cost involved in creating additional traffic. Article submission have always been an effective SEO technique. By submitting articles to top article submission sites creating long term backlinks from high PR sites is very easy. This fosters a better relationship with readers and makes blogs very famous.

In submitting articles to article posting sites, This is good to start with a list of free high PR Dofollow article submission sites. The first step is registration by posting email address, profile and images for author information. Adding a link to an author website plus some relevant keywords in the author resource box will boost the profile. Here we’re discussing the details of list of some top article submission sites. Among the best article submission sites for passionate readers. It is really good for creating a fresh audience. Though it takes 2-3 days to get published the quality backlink is worth for any website. Same is true of Articles Base to reach latest markets of readers and to expand the visibility of a website or blog. Submitting high-quality article to do follow article submission sites list is becoming a new trend in digital promotions. By consistent use of article submission sites for Search engine optimization, traffic expands fast to a site. Successful SEO operation call for consistent publishing of high quality content and creating as many in content links as possible. The articles should be original in the range of 400 to 700 words and SEMrush can help in taking some best keywords for an article. .

Article Submission Sites List